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Andy & Tirzah Hudson

Elevate Co-director

Hey everyone, I'm Tirzah Hudson. I have such a heart for youth, as a teen myself, I struggled with so many big questions like who am I? What am I here for? Does anyone care? Luckily I had some amazing people in my life that pointed me to the one with all the answers! I dreamed of a youth center where teens could come and hang out, a place where loving adults would be there to mentor, guide, and just love them. And Elevate is THAT place! I love youth and I want to be there for the Next Generation!


Josiah Westerman

Elevate Co-director

Hi everyone, I'm Josiah Westerman. Growing up I was blessed with people in my life to encourage me and guide me into the big kid I am today. I am super excited to be apart of the Elevate family. I am a huge believer that everyone can change, no matter their past or their circumstances. I cannot wait to help teens learn, grow, and change.

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