Mary Sieckert

Executive Director

Hi, I'm Mary Sieckert. Growing up, I was fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people that were supportive of my dreams and ideas. They always encouraged me that I could do anything if I set my heart and mind to it. I am passionate to create a safe place for teens to find that same supportive system that I had. I believe that every single teenager in this community has the ability to be successful!


Andy & Tirzah Hudson

Elevate Director

Hey everyone, I'm Tirzah Hudson. I have such a heart for youth, as a teen myself, I struggled with so many big questions like who am I? What am I here for? Does anyone care? Luckily I had some amazing people in my life that pointed me to the one with all the answers! I dreamed of a youth center where teens could come and hang out, a place where loving adults would be there to mentor, guide, and just love them. And Elevate is THAT place! I love youth and I want to be there for the Next Generation!


Paul Wiggs

Creative Staff Member

Hi everyone! My name is Paul Wiggs. Growing up I had a very outgoing personality, and I loved to make friends and meet new people. Around my teenage years I started to feel very lonely and sad, and I secluded myself from others. Luckily I had amazing people in my life who were able to help me get out of that dark place. I would never want anyone to feel like that, and that’s why I absolutely LOVE Elevate! It is a great place to show teens that they are cared for and that they can be successful!


Nate Ricks

Creative Staff Member

Hi my name is, what, my name is, who, my name is Nathaniel Ricks. Around Elevate though, I am more commonly known as “Pizza Guy”, mostly due to my management position at the local Pizza Hut and a great connection to get some pizza for Wednesday night youth group 😉. Being a teen is hard, I know, I used to be one. Falling in and out of love, rebelling against parents and teachers, feeling some of my lowest lows and highest highs, sometimes in the same day. Three constants I had throughout all the changes to me and my environment year after year was understanding, care, and support. I am by no means perfect, but due to those in my life that gave me support, listened when I was having a difficult time, and cared for me at my lowest, I could never have made it this far.That’s why I love Elevate so much, no matter the background, gender, race, religion, drama, or even if they don’t like pizza (unlikely).Here teens can find understanding, care, and support.  Every. Single. One.


Jolee Petersen

Creative Staff Member

I'm Jolee.  I love drinking coffee, long boarding, running, but I especially love to help people any way I can.  I am really passionate about making sure everyone feels included and loved.  I believe Elevate is a place for teens to come feel loved and a place to have fun.  That is something I am grateful to be a part of in hopes of making the smallest difference in the lives of teens.

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Kelsey Brateng

Art Director

Hello! I'm Kelsey Brateng and love anything and everything related to designing, creating, imagination, and getting messy with paint! Born and raised in Thief River Falls, I always dreamed of a space for teens to hang out, and not only feel safe, but feel like they could ask for help when dealing with this crazy journey we call life. Being a teen is hard, so I am thankful to be a part of this team to help mentor and guide kids, and to just have some fun being playful and creative with art! When I'm not busy with art, you can find me hanging out with my husband and 4 kiddos or in my photography studio.

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